Guillaume Barth

A graduate of Ecole des Arts Décoratives in Strasburg (2012), Barth trained at the Studio National des Arts Contemporains Du Fresnoy (Lille, France, 2021) and earned a National Diploma in Art at the ESAD (Strasburg, France).
He was awarded the Contemporary Talents prize from the Fundación François Schneider in 2019, and has also won prizes from Fundación Bullukian, 2017, and the Théophile Schuler, in 2015. From the salt desert of Bolivia to the reindeer herders of Mongolia, from Quebec to Senegal via Iran, Guillaume Barth pursues an unusual trajectory, which discourages a “classical” reading of the young artist’s journey, because it is interspersed with mysterious moments, closer to anthropology than to artistic practice.